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How to watch TV for free

June 24, 2007

Since I posted What Joost Really Needs, Joost has delivered the goods. In the latest release, you can easily link to programmes and blog about them, delivering the real way to get some of the viral niceness spread.

In a great Mashable post you can read about a number of Joost competitors. Whether video killed the radio star is not really debatable any more, the only question that remains is whether t’ internet will kill the television star — and looking at this line up, I doubt that many have doubts any more.

It’s also interesting that along with news that the iPhone will be able to stream YouTube videos, YouTube has just opened up its mobile offering to other devices too.

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What Joost really needs

May 20, 2007

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Joost. And I sometimes love the promise of Joost even more. What I like the most is the video on demand nature of the programming. If I like an episode, I can watch all of the series that night. My PVR is no slowpoke but even it has problems recording an entire year of episodes after I decide I like the first one. I also love the TiVo-like search (at least I think it’s TiVo-like, because I’ve never owned a TiVo). I can search for any program anywhere and no matter what channel it’s on it’ll appear. i can then just play through my search results.

But I still think there are a couple of things missing. The promise of Joost is all the magical bits of TV and the even better bits from t’ internet. “And it doesn’t stop there” says that wonderfully enticing little ad that drew us all in. Well, the features so far are limited to inviting your mates, rating shows, IMing and reading blogs. READING blogs? Surely it cannot stop there. Joost could allow users to write reviews and brief descriptions of shows and for the user searches to also search these reviews. Or let users to link to shows so that they can blog about them in the same way that they blog about Joost’s site. These are the things that will unleash the deliciously viral nature of the internet.

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