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Amie Street

February 11, 2007

I have just discovered Amie Street to download good music, and spent the last few hours browsing (interspersed with a little coding).

It is like iTunes in that you buy per song or per album, except the price ranges from $0-$0.98 per song depending on how popular the music is. If it’s new and there are no downloads, it’s free. If it’s downloaded a lot, the music becomes more expensive. Artists get 70% of sales. There is plenty of good free music and lots of good pretty cheap music too. With each $ you spend, you get a ‘rec’. This is a recommendation to buy a song. If the song then goes up in price, you earn a credit with a value depending on how much it rose in price.

It’s a(nother) great way of discovering the long tail of music.

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