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Energy neutral

April 22, 2007

In His energy bill is $0.00 Christian Science Monitor talks about inventor Michael Strizki who has not only made his home carbon neutral, he actually powers everything himself. He uses solar panels to power his home. The surplus of power this produces in the summer turns water into hydrogen, or at least half of it does: the other half is wasted. Some experts say that he’d do better giving the excess power back to the grid instead. Strizki uses up the remainder of the power in the winter and to fuel his home-grown hydrogen power car.

Pretty impressive, and as he says: although he’s got some criticism, no-one has says it won’t work. It cost him a cool $0.5 million to build, but he is now looking to find a way to copy the system and get that down to $80,000, or less in places where the solar panels are subsidised.

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