Tweeting about places not X/Y coordinates

In a recent conversation with a fellow tweeter I was asked why I on earth I was spamming the world with 4square tweets rather than just geo-enabling my tweets. I think this completely misses the boat. People don’t care about your X/Y coordinates, unless it’s a way of you telling them what’s near to them. Machine’s care about X/Ys and rightly so. People about places and that’s exactly what makes 4square of whatever mobile social local app du jour you favour work so well.

It’s nice then to read of the recent announcement that twitter is going to start allowing people to structure conversations around places, rather than geo-coordinates.

It also means that Twitter is noticing what’s going on on top of their API. Some of the most popular clients are leveraging the latest location-aware devices, be they Androids, iPhones or soon always-on sat nav devices to let people tell their friends (and noticably, their enemies and everyone in between) where they are at. Or to cut a long story short: Twitter is going local. Just like everybody else.

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