Re-tweeting as a rank for twitter

Twitter allows you to re-tweet microblog posts you like to your followers. If sufficient people re-tweet, positive lock-in kicks in and the tweet takes on a life of its own. This can mean that checking re-tweets becomes a powerful mechanism to rank ideas flowing through the twittersphere. I really enjoyed Re-Twit’d which shows the top re-tweets.

The nearest competitor I can think of is the wonderful Twitscoop which shows a continually evolving tag cloud of the twitgeist — “what’s hot on twitter right now”. I also like the key tags appearing in Google’s universal search results.

I’m going to playing with Re-Twit’d in the next few days. It’s great to see more and more apps that are not owned by twitter, but use the API to make more sense of what’s going on in the twittersphere. I like the eco-system that is being build up around basic app.


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