Bebo = SPAM

i just got a connect request for Bebo from an old friend. I connected and added two or three other friends who were already on Bebo. Half an hour later a flood of emails started coming back from the bounces from the 20% of my Gmail address book that was out-of-office. Ow. Bebo just spammed my entire Gmail address book.

I sent them this complaint
“Bebo just mailed everyone in my Gmail address book. Please re-email and let all my friends, acquaintances and people I’ve only spoken to once in my life know that the mail was sent by mistake and was a clear abuse of your privacy policy. Given the flood of emails I’ve been getting, I reckon you’ve been doing this with a good number of other users too. Maybe it’s worth making a Press Release – or at a minimum an apology on your blog – explaining exactly what went on?


If YOU got a friend request from me, you know I do want to connect with YOU. it’s just the other guys that I was trying to avoid… The upside of all of this is that now everyone I know or vaguely remember from one time or another is now on Bebo. The downside is that no-one will ever trust the platform.

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