incSpring: new identities from old logos

incSpring was a great idea, waiting to happen. The bidding process for graphic designs and digital identities is a wasteful one. Often two or three agencies or graphic designers are invited to bid, and they may each develop a logo, alongside other brand elements. Once one is chosen, they may often develop three possible choices, which may be iterated a few times. Along the way, work in progress builds up and is simply thrown away, once the final choice is made.

What happens to all those brand identities? They wind up for sale on incSpring.

If you are a hardcore brand process person, you probably feel very strongly that logos must fit closely with digital identities, and that digital identities must created for companies. The success of incSpring suggest that not everyone agrees. Often, a logo and a brand can be applied pretty successfully to a young company, especially when viewer of the logo is given some room for interpretation. And are the brand values of a new tech start-up really that different from each other?

incSpring has mostly logos for sale, although some include names, brand variants, domains and other brand elements. Compared to what you would pay for a fully designed logo (think in the tens of thousands of €s), these are dirt cheap. They range from a few hundred $ to as little as $2500.

Here is a simple logo — neatly incorporating a globe with the letters ‘M’ and ‘V’:

A snip at $2400.

One of my incSpring favourites:

A lot of logo joy there for just $500.

A new way of using a lightbulb for a creative or consulting company:
There are a few hundred logos to browse and play with.

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One Response to “incSpring: new identities from old logos”

  1. thebrandsquad Says:

    Really interesting.

    All those people from branding fileld would agree with you. When we present 5 options and client choose the one, there is always a question what to do with rest 4 options were valuable time was involved.

    now got the way.

    Recently work of our on the logo design is presented on
    you may put your comments also.

    Kirit Jasani

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