Queen’s Birthday

Queen’s Birthday is a Facebook app, built with Zembly.

When I was a kid, I always wanted an extra birthday — a whole year seemed like way too long to wait. It is a little known fact that the British Monarch, the Queen of England, has two birthdays: an official one and the day that she was born. Now you can find out which of your friends has either a birthday this month or a Queen’s Birthday. Twice the parties, twice the presents and twice the fun!


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4 Responses to “Queen’s Birthday”

  1. Jirka Says:

    Cool stuff! I’m wondering how do you determine the date of queen’s birthday for individual friends.

  2. Robin Says:

    Hi Mr Kovalsky

    Thanks for the comment. I’m wondering that myself!

    If you take a look at the app, then I’ve taken the simple Birthdays example, except that I do a second query of the facebook database looking for birthdays that occur in the month that is six months from this one. I display birthdays just like the normal app, then I mention the users that have “Queen’s Birthdays” this month. I don’t display the actual birthdays, because the code does not know the date, which is only expanded in the FBML. The solution, I think, is to do it in the SELECT query itself, but I have to brush up on my SQL skills a little.

    Anyhow, thanks for Zembly and the great work you are doing. Anything that gets me back and coding again must be good! And anything that lets me create a social app so quickly must be better?

    My next question: currently I can run the app from the apps.facebook.com/queen_birthday page, but I can’t add the app or recommend it to my friends. How do I go about that?


  3. Kersti Says:

    She has more than two in fact, in Australia we celebrate on the second Monday in June (except Western Australia who are just boring and don’t want to have fun) but I know that in New Zealand it’s the first Monday. In the UK it’s a Saturday I think.

  4. robinallenson Says:

    Thanks for the comment Kersti. What would be nice is to extend the second birthday and make a large number of birthdays so that the application will ping your friends to remind them of your second (or third or fourth…) birthday. I reckon most people would prefer this rather than being reminded of their friends that have birthdays — or Queen’s Birthdays — this month.

    However, that involves rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck into the Zembly and FBML again…

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