iPhone cut and paste coming out

Yes, sports fans, the one feature that is missing on an otherwise perfect phone is here.

No, not video capture.

No, camera able to take pictures larger than 2Mb.

… Fine, fine, the one software feature that is missing on an otherwise perfect phone. No, not enabling true background running of tasks, no not — OK, one of a number of fantastic features is coming out. Well, not strictly coming out, but will be available once sufficient iPhone developers have coded the thing. Real copy and pasting between applications is actually here. Magic Pad already allowed copy and pasting within the application, but not between apps. The makers of Magic Pad, Proximi are joining up with a new non-profit open source organisation, OpenClip to show how developers being can use a shared area of the iPhone SDK for copying and pasting. VentureBeat says that WordPress is signed up, although OpenClip do not mention it on the site.

Perhaps best of all for those unfortunate individuals with jaillocked phones who live in perpetual fear that upgrading them will break them, OpenClip should work on 1.x, 2.x, iPhone and iPod Touch too (although participating apps are mostly for 2.x).



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