iPhone 2.0.2 firmware update

I am the proud owner of a 2.0.2 firmware update. This is why I love twitter these days. it’s just a whole lot more visceral way to surf the ol’ (micro)blogosphere. Check out http://www.twitscoop.com and see what the buzz is — and more often than not it’s just noise. But some of the best noise out there. Last night it was ‘firmware‘. I clicked through the tag cloud to find out it was the 2.0.2 update that everyone was trying and here I am a few hours later with it installed.

There are a good deal of rumours of what it solves — 3G issues (that I’ve never had), reception issues (it’s the network stoopid), security patches and other important tweaks. Apple’s page is about as informative as during the MobileMe outages.

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