How to get a SIM-unlocked iPhone 3G and still get Apple updates

I am well on my way to getting myself a SIM-unlock iPhone 3G, fully legal and still get Apple updates. This is how to do it.

First up, get yourself an iPhone 3G. Here are some hints:

  • Choose a country in which you are allowed to purchase one where the new iPhone 3G total cost of ownership is the cheapest
  • Choose a white one. These are both gorgeous and less popular than the black ones and therefore more easily obtainable

Next, request a SIM unlock from your operator, who will in turn request this from Apple. Expect to need to wait at least two weeks and probably a few more. You will get charged a fee dependent on how far into your subscription you request the unlock. Depending on your country, there may be some ways to get out of the fee.

One, rather large, disadvantage: it costs a bomb. In the Netherlands, where I live, you’re looking at about €160, plus €26 connection costs, plus €30 a month fixed for 2 years, plus €120 for the unlock. That’s a total of … €1025. Ouch. This may seem like a rather large amount of money for a mobile phone for which you’re not actually going to use the subscription. This is not really true. It’s actually an AWFULLY LARGE AMOUNT of money.

At the time of writing, I am three weeks in to my request for an unlock and still waiting…

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