IPhone as beatbox

One of the statements I had heard from colleagues about the first iPhone was that the speakers were not really loud enough to hear what was being said so one would have to use the headphones to have a reasonable conversation.

On holiday I often bring my mac so I can upload and edit photos. It also doubles usefully as a stereo system so we can relax to a little music. Over the months aqand years my mac’s little 100gb drive had gradually filled up so I’ve been moving my various virtual goods and chatels to external drives. As a result I have very few music files left on the mac. My iPhone is stuffed with my favourites.

So it seemed only natural as we cracked open a bottle of Douro and got stuck into our fried fish and squid that we also put State Radio’s Us Against The Crown on the iPhone and cranked up the volume. It wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t half bad either.

Apple have a great iPhone 2.0 app with their Remote which allows you to control your mac’s iTunes using your iPhone. A great next move is to be able to listen to music on your mac using your iPhone or vice versa.



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