New iPhone keyboard

This is my first post using my new iPhone. I have to say I’ve gotten used to the keyboard remarkably quickly. I am at least as fast on the iphone as I am on my blackberry pearl despite the fact that I am still only typing with one finger on the iPhone. The thing just manages to guess what you mean a lot more often than the BB. It specializes in the commonest misspellings one can achieve on the iPhone keyboard, which are getting a couple of letters on each word mixed up with their neighbours on the keyboard.

So I regularly type “tje” and get what I intended: “the”. The main stumbling blocks are learning to trust the thing to do its telepathic magic and occasionally hitting the delete button by accident which WILL confuse it.

To give an idea I’d say that I misspell two out of three words but only have to retype one out of fifteen. Retyping is my critical constraint that determines typing speed. I know a few blackberry users who have worked out the same thing but get by fine by just ignoring any and all spelling mistakes, a generosity that my OCD does not afford me.

My next steps are moving up to two finger (or thumbed) typing which absolutely has the possibility to add another 50% to my speed.

One disappointment is that the guessing is turned off when you type some small fields (like the title of this
mail). I am so addicted to this feature that it is almost impossible to type without.

One fun thing is that as you learn to trust you can get pretty close to touch typing without looking at the virtual keyboard and just at the virtual screen. Very relaxed typing – thanks Apple.



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