Skydeck founder presents to congress — and presents brilliantly

i have not been blogging for the last little while because I’ve been a bit busy with a particularly interesting, fun and complex project at work whilst spending my remaining time playing using my newly arrived invite for and munging photos of my son’s school trip (mostly instead of other activites that I would normally do in my spare time, like sleeping). Instead of blogging about Twine, which will have to wait until a later post, I thought I’d send a quick post on the founder of Skydeck. Skydeck, in case you had not heard of it is one of the fastest growing companies monetising the social graph. With the tagline “Your true social network is hidden in your cell phone records.”, it shows you who you communicate most with on your mobile and who they talk to.

Founder Jason Devitt is one smart cookie. He has presented a short and powerful presentation to Congress which covers exactly why they should change the regulations around the mobile phone spectrum. If you think that (along with net neutrality) is just another boring geek topic, watch this and then pick your jaw off of the floor. For those of us trying to get innovative applications in the hands of mobile users through the walled gardens of handset manufacturers and networks, Mr Devitt’s talk is a like a breath of fresh air.

It sounds like sour grapes when yellow pages companies complain about monopolies, so luckily we have Mr Devitt to do it for us. Although he does not let anyone else get a word in edgewise, you have to wonder why anyone would want to.

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