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Great podcost and blog from msearchgroove on SpinVox. This company started out by translating voicemails to text. They have just got another $100m or so of funding to expand their offering into new languages and domains. Now, they are looking at use cases like listening to voicemails that mention “Let’s meet up in Covent Garden and have a bite to eat” which prompts your mobile to give you a list of great restaurants in Covent Garden and offer to book one. This is in contrast to a classic above the line approach of broadcasting ads at you. This is really contextual and personal: automatically relevant and because it’s purely opt-in, users are much more willing to transact.

SpinVox co-founder Daniel Doulton talks about implicit and explicit search. The latter is how most search engines work right now: a user needs to explicit state what he is looking for. The former is how search can add most value: by ‘listening in’ to our conversations, and looking at our day, and unobtrusively helping out. He reckons that this is the obvious reason why Google made their 411 play: voice is central to their strategy and way of making search really free-form. You see similarly pureplays in search companies like Powerset.

SpinVox allows you to note your blog, or your social networking product, then with a voice call add text to your site, or indeed add comments to someone’s site.

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