Review of Gruel

67 Dame Street,

Unpretentious, hearty food, fast friendly service, cosy atmosphere

Gruel is where I always go when I’m in Dublin. It’s pretty cheap, the service is fast and the food is wonderful. The food covers some old favourites — bangers and mash, rhubarb crumble and custard — done in new ways. The signature roast sandwiches are definitely always worth a go, and the salads are superb, but in the end I normally plump for piping hot comfort food with a couple of glasses of very gluggable red wine. 

When you first step into Gruel and before you smell the tantalising roasting meat, the first thought is actually how bare and simple the furnishings are. Don’t let that distract you. Every time I’ve been the whole place is heaving with warm bodies taking respite from the Dublin weather — an incongruous mix of suits, shoppers and students. This place is a home-from-home. Most the food is hearty fare and the room feels cosy and comforting. Best of all, these guys are savvy and unpretentious at the same time.

Rated 5/5 on Jun 24 2007 by Robin Allenson
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