Kayak: travel search supreme

Kayak is travel search supreme. I think it’s a great example of how well search can work to deliver on intuitive user needs. It’s a travel search specialist that aggregates content from about 120 other travel sites, compares and finds the best for your needs. Technically, I don’t think what they do is tricky, but there is a lot of in page searching for a fantastic search experience. All the hygiene factors that turn me off most airline sites or vliegtickets.nl variants are removed here.

In page, you can choose to not allow 1-stop or 2-stop flights, select or remove certain airlines, choose leaving or return take-off or landing time ranges, airports, flight duration and price ranges.

Once you select a flight, it re-directs you to the partner in question. They make money through PPC and SEA.

They have some nice slightly experimental extensions, such as **dgets, mobile search, APIs for mashups and RSS available through their labs.


5 Responses to “Kayak: travel search supreme”

  1. dan Says:


    Have you tried Trabber? It’s a new search engine that works really well. Here is the address – http://www.trabber.co.uk

  2. Kersti Says:

    Another site that is worth having a look at – http://www.farecompare.com. They keep historic fare information and information on fare volatility for given routes. At the moment it’s only US/Canada based travel or travel to/from those countries, but it’s a great idea.

  3. robinallenson Says:

    @dan: I tried Trabber out and it works well, but Kayak seems to win in a couple of areas: searches more sites and allows a lot better refinement of the flights you’ve seen. For me, I got better prices and possibilities for Kayak for the routes that I tried (which were admittedly more European than British).

  4. robinallenson Says:

    @Kersti: you actually have historic fare info and volatility (with pretty graphs a la Google finance) on Kayak. Once you choose a flight route, you’ll see the historic price shown as “Price Trend”. You can click through to get more details to see both the rock bottom price for that for the day as well as the average pricing for the day, over the last month. This is also for European flights. Similar to farecompare you can also get price alerts on dips…

  5. dan Says:

    Take also a look to a travel site called Trabber – http://www.trabber.co.uk

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