9% of the world to buy an iPhone

Yes, you read it right, amongst the normal blogosphere rumours that Google is going to buy a network or a handset manufacturer or both, there is the recent survey in ChangeWave that 9% of “tech-savvy” US consumers expected to buy an iPhone as soon as it came out. As Tobin Smith of ChangeWave says, “this is huge”. Price is key point to drive real usage, but even at these levels, this is pretty darn big.

I think there is also a lot of danger here: since the iPod everybody believes that Apple can and will deliver on its brand promise with whatever it is they come to market with. It was not always this way. Imagine coming out with the iPhone 6, 12 or even 24 months after the Apple Newton. Imagine if the iPhone is another Newton. There is so much promise wrapped in this one little device: so much to go right and so much to go wrong. Nonetheless, I am one of the 9%.


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