Plain text just seems to fall short for describing browse-experiences. I start with Nelson’s Linkblog and jump off to evan_tech to read about just how devious some hackers are in circumnavigating the large chunks of cleverness put in their way. Feeling a little down in the dumps and in need of some real deep hackiness, I dive yet deeper. This is a superb exposition: even with my basic background in heaps and garbage collection, it is remarkably easy to understand, with plenty of mini-tutorials along the way. I take a side exit and poke about a bit in evan’s life, where I enjoy an old classic Unix story. Looking at his livejournal, I enjoy the dual-language Siddhartha notes and I find a link to some obscene music lyrics.
Warning Will Robinson: I mean some REALLY obscene music
so if you are easily offended, do not following this link. I found the lyrics pretty gross, but what surprised me is an AdSense link to a Dutch mobile site. Do they really want to be associated with this kind of page? I’m guessing it’s an affiliate link but still… Alternatively, maybe this is exactly the yoof audience that they are after. Backing up I browse the Burg, but can’t get into and I swap back to the show with Zefrank, which is still amazingly good.

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