I have playing the wonderfully addictive Boomshine instead of blogging about our latest agile developments. I have not passed above the mythical level 12, but I have found that deep Zen-like meditation of the general patterns actually does help. A tip from my wife: look out for patterns that move from the centre to the corners or form the corners to the centre. The insight is to realise that balls bounce off the sides, which gives the sides a greater concentration of power than the centre. See more games of this ilk.

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3 Responses to “Boomshine”

  1. Nuno Says:

    Agree but then.. on the 3rd attempt I’ve managed to pass the myth zone.. 😉

  2. robinallenson Says:

    If I find someone has consistent ability to do lucky things, then I have to rename it skill. If on the other hand, it ain’t consistent, then maybe it’s just luck. Since you only tried three times, you are either mighty lucky or mighty skillful, I just don’t know.

    Similarly, if someone doesn’t make level 12 after a couple of games, it could just be that they are unlucky. However, if you find someone who has played tens if not hundreds of games just to scrape his way close to level 12 for a second time (i.e. me), then you have to realise that it is actually a complete lack of talent you’re talking about.

  3. Nuno Says:

    Lucky me (rather than skilled) 🙂

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