Seasonal Blogging

I will freely admit it. I did not actually like reading Seasonal Blogging . It made me think of all the things I dislike most about my blogging when I can’t really think of much to blog about. I’ve been ill for a couple of days: not ill enough to take time off work, but ill enough to mope around the house feeling down in the dumps. I read a lot, but couldn’t think of anything to post about. “Seasonal blogging” is about exactly this.

But the blog that it linked to, Ben Yoskovitz’s 6 Steps To Getting Back Into The Blog Saddle, is great. I am not a post-a-day kind of blogger (as regular readers will have seen). It’s often tough to get to a post-every-couple-of-days. But when i haven’t posted for a week or two, knee-jerk survival instincts kick in and I find myself pondering what exactly i can blog about.

Ben’s suggestions boil down to:
– Invest your time wisely. The best investment returns through a number of great posts.
– Go for quality not quantity

As you’ll see from last post, I steadfastly ignored both rules (with the minor excuse that I had not actually read either of them at the time), but post a link: what Ben calls “content filler”. Ah well, obviously that blew my fragile readership. I can only hope that as my health improves, so do my posts!

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