Where to find the books on this blog

You’ll find a few links to Amazon spread throughout this blog. Most links will take you to Amazon.com, unless the books aren’t available there in which case they’ll go to Amazon.co.uk, or wherever you can find them. The primary intention is to take you somewhere where you can get the books, not for me to get a cut — although I’m happy to if you are still paying the lowest price. If you know somewhere to get the books cheaper let me know.

Myself, I mostly use O’Reilly’s Safari Books Online. Safari lets you read and search just about any technical book you like. You pay a monthly subscription ranging from $10 to about $35 which gives you from 5 to 30 books respectively on a bookshelf. You can search books that are not on your bookshelf but only read about a page from them. The books stay on your bookshelf for a minimum of a month. You can also download chapters (for an extra subscription cost of $5 per month) and buy the books at a discount to list price. In my experience, you’re cheaper off going to Amazon.com to buy.

The search is really well done. Initially you get suggestions as you type, and then you’ll see all books that mention the search term. e.g. I can search for Xgrid and find a few sections and pages from completely disparate books. Browsing through them, I can add one or two to my bookshelf, and download a relevant chapter for offline reading too.

For me, this works well, since I enjoy dabbling in a range of technical subjects. The breadth of books is stunning. In addition, as you read online, Safari makes (pretty good) suggestions for other books that you might enjoy.

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