Agile best practice adoption rates

Scott Ambler has a great presentation on his site (recommended to me by James Dobson) on which agile practices have been adopted. It’s worth a read. They are some clear learnings to be gleaned from the presentation, not least of which is that agile practices are being used widely, have little or low risk and have very positive results. This was a big survey: a total of 4332 respondents, coming from the full readership of Dr Dobb’s, a popular programming journal.

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4 Responses to “Agile best practice adoption rates”

  1. James Dobson Says:

    Hi Robin,

    You are right about that being interesting reading. You can see from your daily work that adoption is on the up, but, in my opinion we are now at the chasm. As an industry we need to make that jump. And we will not do this by continuing on the path we are now on. One of the biggest problems is that, as a community, we have become extremely arrogant. I was at a conference not so long ago, I won’t say which one, where so called agilest were referring to testers as monkeys. I was shocked. And it seems the agilest answer to everything is “write tests first”. There are more ways to quality than writing tests first (you can read my blog ‘quality is the way’ if that interests you Now, it’s not the “top” people in the agile community who talk like this, rather the foot soldiers, or more accurately the automatons. The individuals who have not learnt to break the rules. Quite frankly, the most dangerous people in every holy war.

    You know, I was brought up a Christian, although am an atheist now, and I knew that living a Christian life was not about going to church. You see the point I am making? Being agile is not about a practice, or a technology. And as long as we keep behaving like it is, those adoption statistics will stagnate. It’s like a missionary turning up on the shores of Africa and telling its inhabitants that attending mass and taking Holy Communion is tantamount to being a Christian.

    I am sick of it. We have to create more creative ways to teach, build confidence, and somehow nurture our clients and colleagues. That is how we will cross the chasm, with compassion and patience. Not aggression and arrogance. Arrogance is definitely one problem with an industry dominated by insecure, testosterone fuelled males.

    The point I suppose I am trying to make is yes, let’s use these adoption statistics, and yes, let’s all keep adding value were we can, but let’s take stock of where we are and realise that transforming companies and individuals is hard work. Harder than just coaching practices. But someone has to do it.

    Put a link back to my site old chum. Then I may get some business (web-sites not finished).

    Hope you are well, J.

  2. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

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  3. Holy Wars - Jamie Dobson Says:

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