And you thought pea and ham soup was just for dinner

At a recent Christmas party, i won 3 pints of Dutch pea and ham soup (erwtensoep). Not just any soup, but that most Hollands of erwtensoeps, Unox. I left it in my work bag and then unbeknownst to me, brought it with me to work the next day. Except that work was in a different office. I’d made it through all the security checks and was about to board the plane before I decided to dump the precious soup in case I was arrested as a terrorist.
And You Thought Snow Globes Were Harmless Decorations – New York Times:
‘Mr. Schneier’s crack on having to remove shoes: “It’s a good thing the shoe bomber wasn’t an underwear bomber.” ‘

This article has some great quotes on airport security and some simple analysis that runs through my head every time I fly (which lately is a little too often): ‘Inherent in the obsession on liquids and gels, Mr. Schneier said, “is the notion that we can stop the bad guys by focusing on tactics, which is moronic. I pick a defense, you see my defense, and then you, the bad guy, decide what to do. That’s a game we can’t win.”

He added, “Screeners are so busy looking for liquids that they’ve missed decoy bombs in tests. We’ve defined success so weirdly. When T.S.A. takes away some frozen tomato sauce from grandmom because it might become a liquid, they think of it as a success. But that’s a failure. It’s a false alarm.” ‘

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