Kaizen at Corbis

David Anderson’s Approach at Corbis: “I’m creating a Kaizen culture encouraging grass roots, shop-floor improvement suggestions within a structured objective framework of management metrics.”

This is the epitomy of my approach. I won’t rule out anything that works and I’m not really sure what the answers are, yet. It seems likely that many of the lean and agile best practices will work, since at the end of the day we are doing software development and measuring our success using throughput metrics balanced with cost metrics. However, if these don’t and something else does, we’ll go ahead and use that. I also think that the best people to generate these new ideas are those that do the work itself.

I don’t want to write a blank cheque of business change however. Many initial thoughts will be towards more formalisation and more documentation, e.g.
we didn’t develop something that matched specifications?
– let’s formalise requirements gathering and require sign-off from more people!
instead of
— let’s build more trust between the business and IT
— have more discussions
— ensure that insights from both are well communicate
— work together to think through everything more carefully
So, I think it’s important to build and encourage grassroots process improvement within certain principles.

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